Discovery World


Homeschool Day

Join us for an entertaining and educational day that your whole family will enjoy. 

You’ll experience the exciting side of innovation, technology, and design when you participate in labs and other fun activities with other homeschooling families. 


Saturday, December 21

Innovation Theater 

11am Biomimicry (:35)


Digital Theater 

1pm Bicycles (:35)

4pm Denis Sullivan (:35)


Sunday, December 22

Innovation Theater 

11am Denis Sullivan (:35)


Digital Theater 

1pm Biomimicry (:35)

4pm Bicycles (:35)


Thursday, December 26

Innovation Theater 

10am Fashion (:45)


Digital Theater 

11:30am Bicycles (:35)

3pm Denis Sullivan (:35)


Friday, December 27

Innovation Theater 

10am Denis Sullivan (:35)


Digital Theater

11:30am Biomimicry (:35)

3pm Fashion (:45)


Saturday, December 28

Innovation Theater

10am Bicycles (:35)


Digital Theater

11:30am Denis Sullivan (:35)

3pm Biomimicry (:35)


Sunday, December 29

No showtimes