How to Enjoy Reciprocal Admission with other Science and Technology Centers

With happy thoughts of spring break, summer vacation, and weekend travel, it’s always a good time for members to take advantage of the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) Travel Passport Program!

As a member, you already know that membership with Discovery World gives you many perks – $6 flat rate parking in our underground garage, invitations to our member-only events, and discounts on Summer Camp and classes are just some of the benefits you can receive with your membership. But one really great member benefit is the ability to participate in the ASTC Travel Passport Program.

The ASTC Travel Passport Program is designed for members to be able to visit other participating museums and science centers for free! All members of Discovery World, no matter the level, are eligible to visit over 300 different museums across the country and world! (Truly across the world! Canada, Mexico, and beyond!) Check out and click on the membership tab. There you will find two links to the ASTC Travel Passport Program and a full listing of what museums you will be able to visit.

All of the museums listed on our ASTC form through our website are eligible for Discovery World members. Before you go, make sure to check out the two exclusions of the ASTC Travel Passport Program which are: “Science centers & museums located within 90 miles of the science center/museum where the visitor is a member” and “Science centers & museums located within 90 miles of the visitor’s residence.” What this means is that if you would like to visit another listed museum, please make sure that it is first, 90 miles away from Discovery World and also, that it is 90 miles away from your home zip code. Milwaukee residents, this means that you are guaranteed to be able to visit every museum listed on our website’s ASTC Travel Passport Program list for free, for everyone that your membership covers!

When traveling, always have proof of your Discovery World membership with you. This could be your Discovery World membership card, or your temporary membership card, or your online order receipt. Unable to find these? Our Discovery World Membership Department would be more than happy to write you a temporary membership card at your next visit! We are also able to issue a brand new, shiny, plastic Discovery World card for a small fee.

Along with your membership card, double check that you have a photo ID before starting your trip. Many of the museums/science centers that partner with the ASTC Travel Passport Program will ask for a photo ID when you are visiting. Looking at a photo ID will provide other museums with verification of your names and your home zip code, which is another great reason to double check that you live 90 miles away from any museum you are traveling to. Want to know beforehand if a museum checks photo ID’s? It’s easy! Just check out the ASTC Travel Passport Program list on our website and look up the museum you are interested in. Keep in mind that the ASTC list is updated every 6 months, so it is a good idea to check the list regularly.

Not sure if your membership is still active? Want to make sure that you are 90 miles away from a museum you would like to visit? Need more questions answered in general? Our staff would be more than happy to help you with these and any other questions you may have. Call us at 414.765.8620 or email us at

We hope that you are truly able to take advantage of this, and all of the wonderful perks that Discovery World memberships have to offer! And if you aren’t a member yet, we would love to help you become one today!

Safe travels!