Love Your Great Lakes with Fund For Lake Michigan

Alright friends, it’s about time we talk about the Great Lakes. They’re not just your usual body of water, they’re so much more. Please read along as we take a few minutes to explain why we love the Great Lakes here at Discovery World.

Did you know that the five Great Lakes are home to 3,500 different species? Did you also know that they hold over 23 quadrillion liters of water? That is enough water to sustain 2.3 billion people for their entire lives (if they live the average 78 years and use 34 liters of water a day). But, let’s not steal all our water from the Great Lakes. We wouldn’t want them to dry up now, would we? The lakes already provide 40 million people with clean drinking water and 212 billion liters of water a day for farming and industry.

With the Great Lakes being such an abundance of fresh water, many humans are relocating their homes and businesses to the surrounding areas. This move is great for the businesses, however, there is a great concern with pollution in the lake water. The Great Lakes are so big that less than 1% of water leaves the system every year. This allows pollution to stay in the water, harming the animals, plants, and water supplies.

Here at Discovery World, we educate our guests daily about the Great Lakes. But we realized we wanted to create even more awareness. Luckily, we have some amazing friends and partners. With the help of Fund for Lake Michigan, Discovery World is excited to host Love Your Great Lakes Day, a day solely focused on community efforts to revive, sustain, and admire the Great Lakes.

At Discovery World’s Love Your Great Lakes Day on Saturday, February 11th, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about ways people are inspired by the Great Lakes, whether artistically or scientifically.

What can you do at Love Your Great Lakes?

  • Watch the premiere of Milwaukee PBS’ new kids’ series Splash and Bubbles
  • Meet animals that are native to Southeastern Wisconsin with the Mequon Nature Preserve, Inc.
  • Learn how road salt affects the quality of water with Milwaukee River Keeper
  • Check out the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Pop-up Museum where you can hear community stories about the Great Lakes
  • Test your bird song skills with the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust
  • Create a mythical beast in the Kohl’s Design It! Lab
  • Listen to traditional Maritime music on the Challenge played by David HB Drake
  • Meet the Milwaukee Fire Department’s Rescue Dive Team, see their gear, and even tour their heavy rescue dive vehicle
  • Purchase art inspired by the Great Lakes and surrounding areas from Local ₵hange, James Steeno Gallery, and JMKE Photography. Portions of Local ₵hange’s sales on this day will be donated to Fund For Lake Michigan!
  • And so much more!

(Image courtesy of JMKE Photography)