Secret Summerfest Parking Spots

The world’s largest music fest is celebrating its 50th birthday in a big way. Featuring over 800 bands and attracting more than 900,000 attendees, Summerfest annually transforms Milwaukee into the music capital of the world from June 28th to July 9th. And whether you’re heading to the lakefront from Madison, Chicago, or somewhere in between, Discovery World invites you to park in our underground parking structure.

Located just steps away from the Summerfest North Gate, Discovery World’s underground parking structure is open from 9am to Midnight every day of Summerfest. The parking structure can hold up to 200 vehicles, is ran and operated by two onsite Discovery World representatives, and daily pricing can fluctuate between $20-$30 depending on volume and traffic.

Featuring huge national acts such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Willie Nelson, and Migos, as well as rising local standouts such as Vinyl Theatre, this year’s Summerfest could be the highest attended in history. So, if you’re in search of a secret parking structure with competitive rates, look directly north of the Summerfest grounds and join us at Discovery World.

Getting to Discovery World

The new Lakefront Exit off of I-94 East is now open and leads you right to the front door of Discovery World. Also, a brand new road leading straight to our parking structure allows for access from Clybourn Street and Lincoln Memorial Drive.

Directions to Discovery World arriving from the north
Directions to Discovery World arriving from the south
Directions to Discovery World arriving from the west