Milwaukee Dive Rally 2021

Lake Michigan Classic Diving Organization will be hosting the 2021 Dive Rally at Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 1st to 3rd. Diving will commence at 8am, and the last dive will be 4pm each day.

The dive rally is held for recreational diving of historic standard dress equipment. Standard dress is helmet & breastplate, drysuit, weight belt, and shoes. Air is supplied by a hose from a compressor on the surface.

In the last few decades, diving equipment collectors have been increasingly involved in restoring old diving gear to working condition and then diving it. Groups were formed to assemble support equipment and find dive sites. These groups would hold annual rallies which have drawn participants from across the country and from other countries.

DESCO Corporation as a manufacturer of diving equipment is acquainted with many of the collectors and became involved in supplying parts and gear. DESCO was also deeply involved with disseminating diving technology information, and diving history to museums, writers, and filmmakers. DESCO formed Lake Michigan Classic Diving Organization to manage this historical aspect related to our business.

Attendees will also be able to bring and dive their own gear. As at the 2018 event the attendee’s equipment will need inspection before it can be used. The DESCO/A J Morse & Son crew will be on hand for tech support.

DESCO will have two dive stations with 48 total available dive slots. Each slot will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. Diving will commence on Friday at 8am with hourly slots to the last dive at 4pm. There is a one-hour break at noon for lunch. The same schedule will be used for Saturday and Sunday. The one-hour time slot will allow dress-in, 30 minutes of bottom time, and dress-out. Basic SCUBA certification is required to dive. As part of the full experience, participants are requested to help tend other divers.

You can contact Christian Koellner with questions at: or 414-272-2371.


Friday, Oct 1st
8am - 4pm
Enjoyed by All Ages