The STEM+ Lab is full of activities that unlock the principles of science integrating archaeology, physics, and engineering to establish the foundation necessary for budding entrepreneurs to learn the practical applications of science.

Colors of the Sea

45 min
Physics of Light, Deep-Sea Environment

Students will test the effects that water and depth have on light absorption and the colors that we see. Learn these concepts all within the context of deep sea ecosystems and organism bioluminescence.

DPI Standards:
Environmental Education: B.4.1, B.4.6, D.8.8
Next Generation Science Standards Addressed: 3-LS4-3, 4-PS4.2
Green Plastic

45 min
Environmental Science, Polymers

Investigate organic polymers by creating a batch of bioplastic. Shape the plastic using molds and use it to investigate biodegradability, comparing it to standard petroleum-based plastics.

Max 20 students per session.

DPI Standards:
Art and Design: B.4.7, C.4.8
Science: D.4.4
Technology and Engineering: BT3.a.3.e, ENG6.b.1.e
Next Generation Science Standards Addressed: 4-ESS3-1, 5-LS2-1, 5-ESS3-1
Renewable Power

45 min
Electricity, Environment, Stewardship

Grow more aware of current practices and the technology behind alternative energy through hands-on experiences and visits to our energy-based exhibits. Devise solutions to creating a sustainable energy future!

DPI Standards:
Environmental Education: B.4.3, B.4.9
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources: NR3.a.6.e, BT2.d.5.e, ESS4.a.2.e
Technology and Engineering: AC1.h.4.e, EL5.b.1.e, PE1.b.2.e
Next Generation Science Standards Addressed: 3-PS2-3, 4-ESS3-1, 5-ESS3-1
Simple Machines

45 min
Mechanical Engineering, Physics

Discover the physics of simple machines and the science of mechanical advantage. Students conduct investigations of each of the six simple machines; exploring their use in everyday objects.

DPI Standards:
Science: C.4.5, G.4.4
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources: PST1.g.1.e
Technology and Engineering: BB1.b.1.e, TR1.c.2.e