CSI Expedition

In this fun, crime-solving scavenger hunt, you are the sleuths AND the suspects. Come solve the mystery and collect your own biometrics (fingerprints, handwriting samples, and dental impressions), search for clues, see real crime-solving techniques at work, and solve the mystery!

Someone has stolen the Discovery World kids’ prizes. They are hidden somewhere around the museum. Test your crime-solving skills as you try to track down the criminal—which may just be one of your classmates!

Follow a photo-scavenger hunt to test your observation skills, answer questions about the crime that can only be found somewhere around the museum, and take a record of the clues you might leave behind at our biometrics collection points.

In this 1 hour program, only the suspected students (about 3-5) will give their Fingerprints, Dental Impressions, and Graphology samples while all students watch and compare. 

Fingerprints—Students will take five fingerprints and have the chance to figure out if their fingerprints are predominantly loops, whorls, or arches.

Dental Impressions—Take a bite out of crime by chomping into a dental mold that should enlighten students about the different kinds of dental marks that could single out a criminal.

Graphology—The study of handwriting analysis can reveal pointed differences between students’ writing styles. See how baseline, pressure, and character spacing can incriminate a thief.

Wrap up the crime and accuse the criminal!  See if your sleuthing skills are up to snuff!

  • Minimum: 40 people
  • Maximum per show: 130 people
  • Appropriate: K-5th grade
  • Cost = $4/student, $4/adult, 1 adult/every 10 students: FREE

*Note: While this program is structured for students in K-5th grade only, we recommend that students in Grades 3-5 interested in crime solving take our Educational Lab Experience “Put Your Finger On It” (3rd-6th grade) instead. Subject to availability. Only bookable September – early June.

DPI Standards Addressed:
Science: B.8.3, F.8.4, G.8.2, G.8.3
Social Studies: E.8.7

Wisconsin Common Career and Technical Core Standards: 4C1.a.4.m, EHS1.b.4.m