Bill Brady Intelligent Products Lab

The Bill Brady Intelligent Products Lab embodies the vision of William H. Brady to create simple, innovative products that reveal levels of function and complexity. These “intelligent products” encompass adhesive chemistry, printing, identification, safety, and sustainability within designs meant for the public. From entrepreneurship to marketplace application of science and technology, each experience in the Brady Lab is designed to inspire the quest for the next new possibility.

Without a Word

60 min
Communication, Visuals, Symbols

A picture’s worth a thousand words; put that saying to the test. Explore the visual cues and direction-giving techniques used by the experts to provide wordless instructions to peers, the community, and people around the world.

Max 20 students per session. 

DPI Standards:
Art and Design: E.12.4
Technology and Engineering: ICT1.d.5.h, ENG4.b.5.h, ECT1.a.16.h
Business and Information Technology: IMT3.b.9.h
Scientific Illustration Through Screen Printing

60 min
Product Creation, Marketing, Communication

Students will learn the process of screen printing by using CMYK inks to print layers and make full-color posters, exploring different themes of science to bring home or use in the classroom. This class is available for customization to fit an existing unit.

Requires $5 materials fee per session. Max 20 students per session. 

DPI Standards:
Art and Design: C.12.5
Information and Technology Literacy: A.12.5
Technology and Engineering: ICT1.k.9.h, ENG4.b.5.h, ECT1.c.7.h
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources: NR5.a.3.h
Shirt Factory

60 min
Product Creation, Graphic Arts

Explore the art and science of fabric printing in this hands-on workshop. Students choose from a selection of Discovery World designs to make their own professional-quality shirt.

Requires $5 materials fee per session. Shirts not included, but can be purchased for $2.50/shirt. 

DPI Standards:
Technology and Engineering: ICT1.k.9.h, ENG4.b.5.h