Experience one of our two theaters, and expand your mind by viewing one of our current featured movies.

Movies are subject to availability. Only bookable October – early June.

  • Minimum: 20 students
  • Maximum per showing: 130 people
  • Movies available for grades K-12
  • Cost = $3/student, $3/adult, 1 adult/every 10 students: FREE

Weird Nature: Devious Defenses (30 min)

Animals have astonishing natural defenses: camouflage, armor, smoke screens and even noxious sprays. Dressing crabs adorn themselves with treasures from the sea floor for camouflage. Fulmar chicks project vomit so foul it destroys the feather waterproofing of its predators. Hagfish smother their prey in a suffocating slime.

A John Downer production for BBC and Discovery Channel.

Weird Nature: Marvelous Motion (30 min)

Biologically speaking, walking on two legs is very weird. To go faster and more efficiently, humans use almost any other alternative. Innovative camera techniques reveal animals moving in extraordinary ways. Caterpillars become wheels, a salamander transforms itself into a rubber tire for a fast getaway and bushbabies bounce. Even snakes can fly!

A John Downer production for BBC and Discovery Channel.

“LIFE” Challenges of Life (30 min)

Introducing the extraordinary things animals and plants must do in order to survive and reproduce. Witness amazing sights, captured at 1,000 frames per second: capuchin monkeys smashing open palm nuts with stone ‘hammers’; hippos launching from the water into the air and chameleons stealing prey from a spider’s web. Sprint with cheetahs as they band together to tackle ostriches; watch dolphins form perfect rings of silt to trap fish, and swim with a seal as it struggles to escape attacking killer whales amongst the ice of Antarctica.

A BBC/Discovery/SKAI/Open University co-production in association with RTI Spa.

Weird Connections – How Sticky is Your Gecko? (30 min)

In this episode of Weird Connections, we reveal how geckos will soon save lives. These sticky lizards are among the best climbers in the natural world. And they could be the key to every-day heroes one day climbing like Spiderman.

MMVIII Discovery Communications Inc.

“LIFE” Fish (30 min)

Fish can fly, sense electricity, swim at over 70mph and even walk on land. From the open ocean to coral reef and storm-ravaged surf to the freshwater springs of Kenya, swim with sharks, mudskippers and convict fish. See ‘sarcastic fringeheads’ fighting for their homes; hunt with sailfish; glide with flying fish; enter the secret world of courting sea-dragons; and even join the epic journey of the tiny, cliff-climbing gobies.

Earth – The Power of the Planet: Rare Earth (30 min or 60 min versions)

Our planet is unique in the solar system, perhaps even in the universe. It’s taken four and a half billions years to turn the Earth from a barren rock to the planet we know today. It’s been an incredible journey of catastrophe and renewal. But now this rare and remarkable planet is facing its greatest challenge – us. The question is, will it survive?

From the series Earth: Power of the Planet. A BBC/National Geographic Chanel US/ZDF co-production.

Earth – The Power of the Planet: Oceans (60 min)

The oceans are almost as ancient as the planet itself; when you look out over the sea you are looking at a view that is unchanged for billions of years. But the oceans are far more than just huge reservoirs of water. They have transformed our planet. Their brute force carves the coastline. And they can leave an extraordinary legacy. They transfer energy around the planet. And drive the climate.

From the series Earth: Power of the Planet. A BBC/National Geographic Chanel US/ZDF co-production.

Small Talk Diaries (30 min, includes both of the following episodes)


Changing your appearance doesn’t change who you are, but might help you make friends. Some very ugly insects talk us through the tricky business of shedding their skins to become something utterly different and spectacular, proving that beauty is often no more than skin deep.


The gentle bumble bee shows us how pollination works – and takes us on a tour among some stunning flowers, then back to her nest where she shows us her family and her honey pots. The honey bee shows us how to industrialize the process for greater efficiency, and the bee orchids show us how to beat the system.

Nature’s Great Events: The Great Feast (30 min)

Every summer in the seas off Alaska humpback whales, sea lions and killer whales depend on an explosion of plant life, the plankton bloom. It transforms these seas into the richest on Earth. But will these animals survive to enjoy the great feast?

Secret Life of Money (30 min)

Have you ever stopped to think about the Secret Life of Money and all that has to happen before it lands in your wallet? Go behind the scenes to places few ever see and uncover secrets that could change the way you look at money forever.

When We Left Earth (60 min)

Space has been visited by no more than 500 people. Follow this stunning series that opens up this boundless void like never before, using re-mastered high definition footage from the libraries of NASA. The missions, the people and the triumphs of exploration are revealed in a depth of detail previously experienced only by the astronauts themselves.

Creatures of the Deep (30 min)

Using special underwater tracking time-lapse techniques, Life takes a journey to the unchartered corners of the ocean. Key animals: Humboldt squids, Pacific giant octopuses, Australian giant cuttlefish, spider crabs.