Bill Brady Intelligent Products Lab

About the Lab

Inspired by Wisconsin innovator, Bill Brady, and the Brady Corporation, the Bill Brady Intelligent Products Lab provides educational experiences in product development for youth, teens, families, and adults. Public and school workshops will focus on the creation of simple or complex products that teach, communicate, reveal knowledge, or perform in unexpected ways. Intelligent product examples include posters, booklets, stickers, t-shirts, and textiles.

The Bill Brady Intelligent Products Lab explores a variety of concepts including adhesive chemistry, screen printing, and visual communication, through the hands-on use of traditional and specialized tools and techniques. The lab curriculum seeks to combine science literacy, language, and the design process while showcasing products which embody the entrepreneurial spirit of Bill Brady.

The Bill Brady Intelligent Products Lab was funded through the Brady Corporation Foundation in honor of Mr. Brady, who was a founder of Discovery World.

Educators: Consider Discovery World and the Bill Brady Intelligent Products Lab for your next field trip! Discovery World’s exhibits and experiences are a new world to offer your students designed to stimulate learning outside the classroom and incorporate education into your students’ everyday lives. Visit the EDUCATORS tab for more information regarding planning a field trip and experiences we offer school groups in the Bill Brady Intelligent Products Lab!