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Helen Bader Foundation’s Great Lakes Future

Can one person really make it rain? The answer is yes you can, right over Lake Huron in one of the largest interactive models of the Great Lakes anywhere in the world.

The physical bodies of water and the regional flora and fauna that populate the Great Lakes Basin are featured in this experience. In addition to the rainstorm, you can also help the fog roll in over Lake Superior and navigate the Soo Locks.


  • Sky Bridge: Get a birds-eye view of the exhibit, and see the Great Lakes in a whole new way.
  • Interactive Rain: Experience the hydrologic cycle, which includes an interactive cloud situated above Georgian Bay in Lake Huron. The skies will darken and the drops will fall at the push of a button.
  • Flora & Fauna: Peek into the portals below lake level to view the submerged habitats. View fish, turtles, fossils, snakes, and more.
  • Control the Locks: Manage the flow of water between Lake Superior and Lake Michigan with the push of a button to learn how maritime navigation works on the Great Lakes.
  • Dymaxion Map: View a two-dimensional visualization of the globe without the distortion of traditional maps.
  • Tree of Life: Taking more than three years to complete, the Tree of Life provides a visual history of the Great Lakes.