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Johnson Controls Innovation Planet

What is innovation? Innovation is a process, a way to harness the endless possibilities of the world. Innovation isn’t just something new. Innovation takes us into the new.

Explore innovation, technology, and engineering in the Johnson Controls Innovation Planet exhibit area.

Johnson Controls Innovation Station

Explore the life and work of Warren Johnson, one of Milwaukee’s foremost innovators. Johnson did more than invent clever things, he changed the world. Johnson invented the thermostat and the first automatic temperature regulation systems for buildings. He also built steam and gas powered automobiles and huge pneumatic clocks. He was even at the forefront of the wireless telegraph and demonstrated his wireless system alongside luminaries like Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi.

Learn about the wireless telegraph and send messages in Morse Code. Explore the inner workings of the first thermostat and the future of environmental control. Discover the possibilities of pneumatic power, operate a pneumatic dinosaur, and learn about servos, and biomimicry, and more.

Discover a bit of Milwaukee innovation history, and be sure to check out our ever-popular Bed of Nails and the Road Course Racing Simulator!