The MMSD City of Freshwater & Badger Meter Liquid House

How does the water that we use in our homes eventually flow back to Lake Michigan? Why do we enjoy some of the best drinking water in the world right here in Milwaukee?

You’ll learn the answers to these questions as well as opportunities to apply “green infrastructure” and conserve our most precious resource – water – in your own home.


  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District (MMSD) Processes: Waste water must be prescreened, clarified, scrubbed by microbes and disinfected before being returned to Lake Michigan. Milwaukee does it better than almost anyone else, and you’ll be taken step by step through this process.
  • Milwaukee Water Works: View the extraction and cleaning processes used by the Water Works to ensure Milwaukee has the best drinking water in the nation.
  • Deep Tunnel: To reduce the amount of wastewater that is dumped into Lake Michigan every year, the MMSD created the Deep Tunnel project that came online in the early 1990s. In addition to the working model, you can view the metal band that surrounds the Challenge to get an idea just how big the Deep Tunnel really is. Nearly 30 miles of these tunnels run beneath the MMSD service area in Southeastern Wisconsin.
  • Household Budget – The Pleasure of Water: This experience illustrates both the tactile pleasure and the cost of water.
  • Drip Calculator: Control a dripping faucet and time water usage to estimate water loss in a single day, week, and year. Those drops add up and cost you!
  • Body Water Composition: Measure the amount of water in your own body to better understand how important it is to every aspect of your life.
  • Water Vessels-Lifting Water: Compare the weight and volume of water by lifting different water vessels. Around the world, millions of people – mostly women – carry this much water on their backs every day, and much of that water is unclean.
  • Periodic Table of Meters: This interactive table shows the history of water measurement and meter flow technology development.
  • Growing Power: Growing Power has gained an international reputation for growing and providing access to natural food stuffs in urban environments. Take a look at how Will Allen and his disciples are carrying out the “Good Food Revolution.”