The Distant Mirror – An Anne Gayman Johnson Experience

Explore Milwaukee’s past by using interactive stations that simulate real archaeological methods.

Observe authentic historic and ancient artifacts, learn about recent excavations conducted by Discovery World, and find out if you have what it takes to become an archaeologist.


  • Milwaukee Artifacts through Time: An interactive experience that takes you through three layers of historic artifacts that can be found in Milwaukee.
  • Milwaukee Archaeology Periscope: View your community as you have never seen it before! This interactive periscope allows you to virtually observe archaeological and historic sites in the vicinity of Discovery World.
  • Mummy CT Scan: Computerized Tomography (CT) scanning is a very useful technology that archaeologists use to digitally “excavate” mummies without damaging the delicate interior layers. Explore these creatures without disturbing their slumber.
  • Virtual Dig: With the wave of your hand, dig through layers of time, just like an archaeologist.
  • Milwaukee Maps Through Time: This interactive mapping activity examines the growth of Milwaukee from wilderness to modern metropolis. Scroll through overlapping maps to see the evolution of the lakefront and cityscape.
  • Authentic Artifact Cases: Contains artifacts made by the Ancestral Pueblo Culture in the American southwest up to 1,500 years ago. Available to Discovery World through a partnership with Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.