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Wisconsin Energy Foundation Energy & Ingenuity

Have you ever been in the control room of a nuclear reactor? Here is your chance.

The Wisconsin Energy Foundation “Energy & Ingenuity” Exhibit illustrates current energy production trends as companies and nations seek to reduce inefficient power consumption. The exhibit showcases a variety of energy sources – wind, nuclear, electric, human, and coal – and outlines the innovation that goes into energy production.


  • Infrared Camera: Light is just energy that we can see. But it’s only a tiny sliver of the energy out there. There’s invisible energy all around us, including infrared or heat energy. See yourself in a new light!
  • Wind Turbine: Wind Turbines produce electricity by harvesting the power of wind and converting it into a form of energy that can be used by consumers. Discovery World has three wind turbines that are connected to the energy grid.
  • Nuclear Reactor: Take control of a nuclear power plant! Like traditional power plants, nuclear reactors produce electricity by generating steam. In most cases, nuclear plants are a clean and safe alternative to fossil fuels. Nuclear reactors produce 15% of the world’s power.
  • Energy Opportunity House: Is your home comfortable and cozy? Is it eco-friendly? It can be both! Get tips and techniques that can increase building efficiency without breaking the bank.