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Wind Leaves

Wind Leaves – a Stunning, Interactive, Musical Outdoor Exhibit

Created in 2006 by nature artist, Ned Kahn, Wind Leaves is a series of soaring aluminum columns, located right outside of Discovery World, that rotate with the wind. The Leaves are also covered with thousands of stainless steel disks that swirl and ripple with the wind, creating a kaleidoscope of reflections from the lake, the sky, and the city. Hand wheels allow you to rotate the Leaves and discover the direction of the wind.

The Wind Leaves are surrounded by musical benches that can be played like xylophones and a metal, musical sculpture that you can play by dropping pebbles into it.


  • There are seven Wind Leaves. Each column is 30’ tall and made from aluminum.
  • Each of the Wind Leaves is covered by more than 1500 stainless steel disks.
  • Ned Kahn designed the artwork to “create the impression of being surrounded by a field of wind”.
  • Kahn is inspired by atmospheric physics, geology, astronomy and fluid motion.