Capital Projects


Amazing. Wonderful. Powerful. Human.

You are powerful. And as a member of the most creative and intelligent species on the planet, you have astonishing abilities.

You can think and reason. You can remember the past and imagine the future. You can overcome obstacles and challenges. You can build and create. You can discover fantastic new things. You can communicate and collaborate.

Because you have such incredible powers and abilities, you need you to be the best you that you can be. Your friends need you. Your family needs you. The world needs you. The future needs you.

Welcome to MindBodyMe, Discovery World’s latest permanent exhibit concept. Slated to be installed on the recently renovated Lower Mezzanine (LM) floor of our Technology Wing, MindBodyMe will teach our kids and families all about the amazing, wonderful, wildly improbable, humans that they are.

MindBodyMe will empower kids through their incredible potential and show them how they can be stronger, faster, smarter, more creative, and happier.

YOU can help us make that happen! Naming rights opportunities are still available. Contact, Elizabeth Braatz, Senior Manager of Grants and Sponsorship, at 414.765.8776 or for more details.

MindBodyMe Pitch Deck