Please consider a donation to support our mission.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, Discovery World is re-imaging the how, what, where, and when of hands-on educational programming for the community. Many schools and community organizations will be shifting to in-classroom or virtual instruction only, limiting or foregoing any off-site field trip or in-person guest teaching. Discovery World recognizes that while the medium and location of learning will change, the need from the community has never been greater. Our team has a $1 million funding goal for this new program through the 2020/2021 school year and we need your help in reaching that goal!

Our brand-new School & Community Initiative (SCI) supports teachers, students, and the community by meeting them where they are. Recognizing that the learning gap will likely see further stress during this difficult time, Discovery World will seek to supply programming to the schools that need it most at no charge – and from a virtual footprint.

Your contribution will support Discovery World’s ability to develop, schedule, and deliver educational programming to schools and communities of need through one of five delivery platforms. Through the broader support of Discovery World partners, funders, and donors, these programs will be offered at no cost to schools who demonstrate an Economically Disadvantaged status of 50% or higher, OR a school report card rating of 72 or lower.

Discovery World is confident that creating a portfolio of no-cost programs for schools to support, enhance, and enrich classroom programming will have a significantly positive effect on teachers, students, and the community. Help us reach students …from their homes, from their virtual classrooms and with the necessary tools to avoid falling behind this school year.