Aquarium Internship

Our internship program is designed to be a career-based learning experience. Interns will assist staff in all aspects of daily care for both exhibit and quarantine animals. The intern may work on a special project, for credit or other graduation requirements as deemed by their college or university. All internships are non-paid.

Download Internship Requirements

Recommended Application Due Date

  • Fall Internship – July 15th
  • Spring Internship – December 15th
  • Summer Internship – April 15th

Internship Period – Internship dates are flexible, and will be determined following internship offer

  • Fall Internship – September – December/January
  • Spring Internship – January/February – April
  • Summer Internship – June – August


  • Fall & Spring Internship – 12 weeks at 3 days per week, or 18 weeks at 2 days per week
  • Summer Internship – 12 weeks at 3 days per week