Design Futurist Internship – College Students

Design Futurist Internship – College Students

Application Deadline: January 15
Dates: February 1-April 30

Application Deadline: May 15
Dates: June 1-August 31

Application Deadline: September 15
Dates: October 1-December 31

Join the Kohl’s Design It! Lab team as an ambassador to your school through the Design Futurist Internship Program.  The internship helps students gain experience in a professional and educational setting focused on design.  Each intern is required to work approximately 12-15 hours a week.  The internship is unpaid, however, applicants are encouraged to arrange academic credit through their educational institution.

Museum Education Intern

The Museum Education Intern will learn creative strategies to teach design in a museum setting. They will collaborate with the Weekend Program Administrator on developing curriculum for children and families on how to design as a team, tinker, and cultivate their creativity. Teaching methods are focused on improvisation, inquiry, and experimentation. Practice in curriculum writing, public speaking, and leadership are desired.  Candidate should be self-motivated, have a positive attitude, and be willing to interact with learners of all ages. Candidate should also be studying in an education program.

Product Design Intern

The Product Design Intern will work directly with the Lead Designer to prototype hands-on projects for the Kohl’s Design It! Lab programs. Length and complexity of these projects range from explorative prototypes to month-long, process driven projects. Must have ability to problem-solve, learn quickly, and work in a fast-paced environment. Should also be self-motivated, organized and have a positive attitude. Working knowledge of the Adobe Suite and experience with physical prototyping is required. Candidate should have a passion for design and be enrolled in a design-related program. The internship will provide experience in designing projects related to industrial design and experimenting with industrial tools and materials.

Fashion Design Intern

The Fashion Design Intern will focus on creating wearable garments with tools available in the Kohl’s Design It! Lab. Intern will be trained to use equipment in the lab and everyday materials (cardboard, polypropylene, plastics) in the creation process. Interns will also learn how to engage with Discovery World guests by teaching fashion-related activities to children and their families. Intern will gain experience in creative and technical design, presentation and public speaking, and collaborating in a team environment. Should be self-motivated, have a positive attitude, and be willing to interact with learners of all ages. Candidates working towards a fashion degree at Mount Mary University are encouraged to apply.

Visual Design Intern

The Visual Design Intern will assist the Visual Designer with large-scale installations for the Kohl’s Design It! Lab. They will be trained to use lab equipment in order to create designs using everyday materials. The candidate will be guided through the design process from concept and ideation to hands-on execution and completion. This internship will help equip student for working in a professional environment. Applicant must be self-motivated with a positive attitude and demonstrate professionalism. Candidate should be working towards a design-related degree and proficient in Adobe Illustrator.

Arts & Outreach Intern

The Arts and Outreach Intern will engage museum patrons in art projects that are integrated with Discovery World and its surrounding lakefront.  This intern will collaborate with the Weekend Program Administrator towards the goal of developing hands-on activities that involve art and technology.  Individual should be self-directed, enthusiastic, and have strong communication skills.  Must be able to demonstrate hands-on techniques and interact with learners of all ages.  Candidate should be interested in community arts, art education and/or design.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter either via email to or by mail to Discovery World/Attn:Caitlynn Jahr, 500 North Harbor Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53202. For inquiries, contact the Weekend Program Coordinator, John Koerner, at